All you need to get the job done

Straightforward application

Simple push-fit connection which instantly grips and seals plastic or copper pipes

Easy to manoeuvre in tight and awkward spaces

Combine high quality valves and easy to control handwheel and levers

Quicker than traditional methods

No tools required

Reduced labour

Install, demount and refit in seconds

Safer means no health headaches

Safe, flame-free installation

No hot works, flux or mess

Lead-free and non-toxic

Trusted by the Best. John Guest

Prestigious brands like Ferrari, Heineken and BT have trusted John Guest for decades. Why? Because the same precision engineering and extensive research go into all of their fittings from plumbing and heating to automotive, drinks dispense, telecoms and blown fibre. So, whether you are taking a shower, driving a car, making a call or enjoying a pint at your local, it is likely you have already come into contact with trusted
Speedfit Technology.

John Guest invented the first push-fit connector over forty years ago. Today billions of JG fittings are sold worldwide due to their reliability, speed and ease of use. It was this innovation along with JG’s unique business model that changed the way connections are made forever.