Our wide range of appliance taps and service valves are designed to reduce time and hassle when installing or servicing appliances. Using no tools, our products are easy to maneouvre, especially in tight spaces with limited room to work. Adding extra value, our 2-in-1 fittings give you twice the functionality at a fraction of the cost. Plus, unlike traditional methods our handwheel and lever options are easy to operate and won’t seize up over time.

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Appliance Tap & Tees

Speedfit appliance valves make installing and servicing washing machines and dishwashers fast and easy. Simply push onto pipe ends and thread the appliance hose. A simple turn of the handwheel isolates the appliance, without having to switch off the main water supply.

Double Check Service Valves

Prevent backflow and the risk of contamination with fast and easy to install push-fit non-return valves. Choose from a double check valve or our 2-in-1 fittings with inbuilt isolator to shut off water for easy servicing. All of the handles and levers are easy to operate and are unlikely to seize up over time unlike traditional methods.

But that’s not all, if you need to connect an American Fridge-freezer, Water Filtration Equipment or Vending Machine, we’ve got a fitting for that too.