Whether you are installing or servicing a basin, cistern, shower or bath, our range of tap connectors make for an easy installation in no time. And we have a huge variety: some with levers, some with handles and some with inbuilt service valves. Plus, we don’t just offer them in plastic, we have a range of brass and chrome-plated fittings suitable for central heating systems or where a more aesthetic finish is desired.

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Tap connectors with or without service valves

Looking for a simple and fast way to connect a basin, sink, bath tap or system ball valve? Hand-tightening or push-fit mechanisms make our tap connectors easy to fit, especially in confined spaces, as no tools are required.

Plus we have a range of tap connectors with inbuilt service valves that come in white, grey and chrome-plated options. Choose a ¼ turn screwdriver slot when a handle could accidentally be turned or for easy operation try our ¼ turn levers, which unlike traditional methods won’t seize over time.

Services Valves

Got to work on a sink, cistern, shower or bath but don’t want to shut off the main water supply? Our plastic, brass or chrome-plated ball valves isolate water using a robust, easy to operate metal screwdriver slot or lever, and are fast and simple to install. Choose a ¼ turn screwdriver slot when a handle could accidentally be turned, or for easy to operate mechanism try our ¼ turn handles. We also offer service valves with colour-coded indices to identify hot and cold water supply.